Why do you need Google Ads and why do you need Search Engine Optimization? We get that question quite a bit. Why do we need all this? Do I need SEO? Do I need Google Ads? Here’s the thing.

We build a nice new website and then a month later you’re Googling yourself and your website doesn’t show up and you’re wondering what the heck is going on. I’ve had restoration contractors call me after we build a website and a couple of weeks later, they’re mad that they’re not number one on Google. The thing is, they’ve done no SEO, no Search Engine Optimization.

What I must remind everyone is that there are billions of websites and billions of people searching and we’re not just going to bubble to the top just because our website looks great. Now first, what is SEO? Let me answer that real quick. What is Search Engine Optimization? Locally as a restoration contractor you’re providing your restoration services, your water damage restoration, and fire damage and smoke or mold locally and we want to make sure that you’re showing up in the maps and a lot of you already know this. You want to show up in the maps because that’s where most of the clicks and calls are going. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant or a restoration contractor, you’ve got to show up on the maps.

So, there’s local SEO doing that. Then we also want to make sure that you’re showing up in those organic results underneath the map pack. A lot of times now what you’ll see is maybe the big franchises showing up or you’ll see things like Angie’s List and a lot of the directories showing up.

We want to climb that list and we want people to see you in the Google Ads or the Local Service Ads and the map pack and the search engine result, the organic results. So, they see your name over and over and over and they’re thinking this is who I’m calling. They’re awesome.

We also need pay per click; we need to pay Google to get us up there to start showing us when someone types in ‘water damage restoration’. We want you to be there. No one is going to find your website. For the most part, no one’s going to find you unless we help Google present it to them. We’ve got to help this thing along.

Now maybe you don’t care if people find you online. Maybe you just built a website to kind of legitimize your business and you prefer personal referrals and you’re staying busy with referrals and that’s enough for you then this doesn’t apply to you.

Feel free to listen, but I’m talking to people who want to grow the restoration business. They want more business and more leads coming in from the internet. And for that to happen there’s got to be some SEO and some pay per click going on. Because think of it like this, and you’re probably thinking of course you’re saying we need that because you’re the PPC guy in the SEO guy.

So yes, guilty as charged. I do run an SEO business and I do pay the bills doing SEO, but I have chosen to do that because I believe in it. I know it works and I know we can help businesses grow this way. And we have integrity, and we want to help people, that’s our deal. So, think of it like this, your website is like a nice, printed brochure.

All right. You got 1000 of these brochures printed out there in a box and it’s sitting in the corner of your office. Now maybe you took a handful out and put them in the lobby of your office. But for the most part just building a website is like having a box of brochures in your office.

And maybe occasionally, somebody wanders in off the street asking about your business and they take a brochure. But that’s about how often someone’s going to find your website if you’re not doing some SEO. Think of SEO like this, SEO would be taking those brochures and sending them around town where people where homeowners might go in like a grocery store.

Let’s say you set a stack of brochures in an insurance office, you set a stack of brochures next to the fire alarms, and at Walmart. You put them where people are likely to see your brochure and they’re likely to be people who might need your service one day or now.

So strategically placing those brochures around town in your local service area, that’s kind of SEO. All right now you step it up a notch. Pay per click on Google Ads or Bing Ads would be like paying someone to walk around with those brochures and hand those out to people who need your services and they’re downtown they’re on the street corner they’re handing those brochures out and getting those in people’s hands.

Now that’s not the perfect illustration because SEO and PPC are much better than that because with SEO and with PPC we can target people based on the information that Google has and the information that Microsoft has with Bing and information that Facebook has and use that. Plus, people search tendencies, and we can figure out who we need to show your Ads to and who we need to show your website to.

We’ve got warm leads there. We’re not just showing it to anybody it’s not like a billboard up there with hundreds of thousands of people driving by every day who are not interested at all. But we’re only serving these Ads up to people who are interested and we’re optimizing your website and your Google presence so that you’re showing up when people are specifically looking for water damage restoration near me or fire damage restoration contractor or I’ve got mold. So that’s what we’re able to do.

It’s so much more effective than just handing out a brochure. What you’ve got to remember is your competitors are doing SEO and they’re doing PPC. If you just want a website to legitimize you and just be there just in case someone was to go check out and they want to see that you’ve got a website, then that’s cool.

You don’t need SEO or PPC. But if you’re someone who, you’re trying to grow your restoration business and you’re trying to get more jobs online. You want to be the one that if at 2 AM in the morning when the pipe bursts, someone hops on Google because they’re not hopping on Facebook. Maybe they call their insurance agent.

But for the most part in the middle of the night, people are looking on Google ‘best restoration contractor near me’, or ‘my basement’s flooded’. We want to be showing up number one for that with some good five-star reviews. So, when you think of it that way SEO and PPC aren’t even a discussion.

We’ve got to do this, so that is why just having a website is not enough. You’ve got to do search engine optimization and there’s got to be some kind of paid advertising going on.

Let us know if we can help you.

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