Why Can’t I See My Facebook Ads on My Newsfeed?


Facebook ads allow businesses to reach segments of a targeted audience. Because ads are only effective if Facebook users see them, you want to make sure your ads are correctly displayed. However, many businesses won’t see their own Facebook ads on their newsfeed.

Why is this? Facebook displays ads to people based on the selections your business makes when determining your target audience. If you are not in your business’s specific target demographic, you may not automatically see your ads in your newsfeed. This does not necessarily mean that no one is seeing your ads.

Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Automatically on Your Feed

How does Facebook use ads? Your Facebook ads help your business generate revenue by reaching consumers interested in your product or service. Facebook uses algorithms to determine which ads it displays to different users. You may not see your own ads if you are not part of the target audience for your company.

Even if you are in the target audience for your product or service, ads still may not show up. Facebook sometimes determines that different ads would fit you better. It will then display those ads to you instead.

Your Ads Show Up Even if You Don’t See Them

If you don’t see your Facebook ads, does that mean no one else will, either? Your ads will still show up for people in your target audience, even if you do not see them. Facebook will display your ads — or sponsored stories — to other users based on relevance.

Use Ads Manager to Monitor Your Ads

Do you want to look over your Facebook ads or sponsored stories? Facebook’s Ads Manager tool allows you to see your ads and sponsored stories. Check out the “Campaigns” section of the Ads Manager for your Facebook page to see all of your ads.

The Ads Manager tool is multi-functional. It allows you to:

Ads Manager also provides you with the tools to adjust the budget for your ad campaign.

Check Your Ads Through Impressions

How do you know your ads are working if you can’t see them? You have options if you want to ensure that your target audience is seeing your ads. Make sure that you regularly assess your statistics to ensure you are getting impressions and clicks from your ads.

Checking the statistics on your ads provides you with information about whether or not you should adjust them. Ideally, you want your ads to generate customer engagement. Depending upon the amount of engagement you receive, you may decide to rework your ads.

Remember, the Ads Manager tool allows you to edit your ads or even put them on hold while considering adjustments.

Get Help Understanding Facebook Ads

Want to know why you can’t see Facebook ads on your newsfeed? The short answer is that Facebook curates how it displays ads based on unique algorithms for every user. You can track the efficacy of your ads and manage your ad content using Facebook’s Ads Manager.

For personalized help using the Ads Manager, contact our Social Sphere Media team through our website or call us at (404) 260-3213. We’ll walk you through impressions, target audiences, and more.

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