Hey everybody! Its Jono with Restoration Marketing Experts and we work exclusively with restoration contractors like you to get your internet marketing right and I just wanted to come at you today with a quick tip.

What we see a lot of times is when people are trying to get their website to start ranking, they’re not really thinking like Google. You’ve got to remember that Google ranks web pages, not complete websites.

A lot of times what you see is where someone just created a services area page on their website and then listed, you know, twelve-fifteen cities that they serve on that one page and that just really doesn’t accomplish anything.

I get the thinking, you’re trying to tell Google that hey, our business serves all of these cities, which makes total sense. The problem is, Google is looking for that one page on a website that is all about water damage restoration in a particular city.

And so, if someone is sitting in that city, like in this case, if they’re sitting in Seabrook, or Bellaire or Deer Park, and they search water damage restoration, Google wants a page that’s all about water damage restoration in Deer Park.

Your website doesn’t need to have one page that tells all the cities. it needs to have one page for all the cities for all your services. so, we need a Deer Park water damage restoration page and we need a Deer Park fire damage restoration page that we can optimize and let Google know exactly where you serve and exactly what services you offer in that area.

So, if you really want to juice up your SEO and get some good content out there and let Google know who you are, where you are, what you do.

Start building out those service pages for every city that you serve.

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