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When crafting your marketing strategy, you need a knowledgeable, capable team at the helm.

Unfortunately, most marketing agencies take a generalized approach, meaning that they serve clients across several industries, including restoration. In reality, however, they don’t know nearly enough about the industry to deliver quality results for restoration companies like yours.

A specialized marketing agency, on the other hand, is laser-focused on your industry, which will help the team create intelligent and compelling marketing campaigns that generate leads.

As an online marketing agency, Restoration Marketing Experts specifically caters to businesses that provide restoration services. We work with restoration business owners all across the United States to help them grow their customer base.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a marketing agency specifically poised to serve restoration contractors, and then contact us when you’re ready to discuss strategy.


We Already Know the Keywords of the Restoration Business

Keywords make the entire internet marketing world go round. Using the right keywords on your website helps your restoration company rank higher in search engines so that potential clients will find you before your competitors. On the flip side, using the wrong keywords can generate traffic that won’t lead to any business.

This process, called search engine optimization (SEO), requires in-depth knowledge of a market’s segments. Because we specialize in your industry, we know the ins and outs of all the different damage restorations. With this understanding of your segments, we can create specific fire damage or water damage marketing campaigns, for instance.


We Understand What Works for the Restoration Industry

In addition to keywords, other factors play a major role in generating leads, and we know exactly how to navigate these factors to get results for restoration contractors.

For example, a pay-per-click (PPC) ad is only as good as the webpage to which it sends traffic. No matter how captivating your homepage is, you won’t get as many conversions from sending traffic there as you would from directing users to a landing page for the specific service they seek.

At Restoration Marketing Experts, we have experience creating landing pages for your various restoration services. As a result, targeted traffic will reach content that’s specific to their needs, which leads to more business for you.


We Can Handle All of Your Online Marketing Needs

Digital marketing encompasses several moving parts, and we know how to make them all work together for restoration marketing. We’ll integrate your email marketing, PPC campaigns, and social media marketing as one unified effort that attracts the traffic you need.

We can also spruce up and optimize your website. Perhaps your website isn’t mobile-friendly. To some old-school business owners, that might not sound like a big deal, but to make it in the restoration industry today, you need to design your site so that smartphone users can easily navigate it.

No matter which area of your marketing strategy needs work, Restoration Marketing Experts can tackle it.


If you’re ready to see how a specialized marketing agency can help you grow your restoration business, call Restoration Marketing Experts in Atlanta, GA, at (404) 260-3213 to schedule your free consultation!

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