pay per click ads for Restoration Companies

Grow Your Small Business with Pay Per Click

That is where our digital marketing services come in. Our Google AdWords services can help you expand your social media reach, gain new customers, generate more revenue, and increase your brand’s visibility. Our professional team at Social Sphere Media handles the heavy lifting of marketing your small business online, enabling you to soar ahead of the competition.

When people search for your consumer products or services online, we help your business rank top of the search results. We use PPC management (pay-per-click ads) services – marketing your small business through search engines to help you gain new customers online. Pay-Per-Click ads generate revenue as soon as they increase, unlike search engine optimization, which takes a while to drive the search results. Pay-per-click ads feature an impressive print design and packaging design fit for your digital strategy. So, do you want to stand out from other local businesses, achieve increased sales, and attract more customers as you possibly can? 

Contact our digital marketing agency today at (678) 759-9989 to schedule a Google AdWords meeting and learn how to use pay-per-click ads to grow your company.

What Percentage of Clicks Do PPC Ads Get?

According to Valve + Meter Performance Marketing, the average click-through rate (CTR) for PPC ads is 2%, whereas the average click-through rate for top paid results on the search results page is 8%. Are you in search of a marketing company that can help your small business grow? If yes, you are at the right place. Our marketing company is committed to providing digital solutions to companies throughout Loganville & Monroe, GA.

Our team provides web development services, social media marketing, and branding for small businesses. They specialize in e-commerce development, web development, search engine optimization, and digital strategy, which seek to increase sales around Loganville and Monroe areas in GA. We are ready to develop a marketing strategy that will help you rank top in search engines. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.


Are PPC Ads Worth It?



  • Quick Results: Unlike search engine optimization, which takes longer to drive results, pay-per-click ads can start to generate revenue as soon as they go up.


  • Top Rankings & Targeting: As a small business, you can create the best search engine optimization content to get it to rank highly in Google search results; however, even position zero results do not appear above pay-per-click ads. With pay-per-click ads, you can get to the top of search engine results — above organic content.


  • Flexibility: Do you own a small business in Loganville or Monroe, GA? Are you looking for ways to establish a long-term relationship with your clients? We can help! Our digital marketing company provides PPC management services and services for digital strategy, web development, and web design to small businesses and large corporations. With pay-per-click ads, you can change keywords that are not working for you. Our SEO efforts aim to help small businesses in Atlanta, GA reach more customers and achieve increased sales.

How Do I Create a PPC Ad?


Determine Your Goals

Do you want to attract customers, generate more revenue, or increase brand visibility?

Choose Where To Advertise

You can advertise on search engines with Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, or Google Ads since both options are effective for most small businesses.

Choose Your Keywords

Pick terms that you think users will search for when browsing online for what you offer.

Set Keyword Match Types

You can use keyword match type, a setting in Google AdWords that allows you to refine when your ad appears on Google.

Write Your PPC Ad

Write your pay-per-click advertisement and link it to a persuasive and relevant landing page on your website.

Track Your Efforts

Monitor your PPC ad and continually change or pause keywords depending on how clients respond. If you find it cumbersome to create a PPC ad yourself, do not fret because our digital marketing company specializes in creating PPC ads and providing web development services for small businesses in Loganville and Monroe, GA.

In addition to creating PPC ads, our team of professionals is dedicated to empowering local small business owners. We achieve this by equipping small businesses with a social media marketing strategy and digital marketing strategy that will help them.

When it comes to a client’s business, we provide more than pay-per-click management. We offer a comprehensive set of SEO services and work with enterprise clients in industries ranging from consumer products and services to financial services industries.

Where Do PPC Ads Appear?

Pay-per-click ads appear in different areas on the Google search results page.

  • Text Ads: Text Ads appear at the top and bottom on search engine results pages on both mobile and desktop.
  • Local Ads: Businesses with physical locations can use Google Maps and the Local Pack to show ads, which appear in the local pack of listings that retrieve data from Google My Business.
  • Shopping Ads: Shopping ads, also known as product listing ads by Google, appear in carousels in the right column on desktop and at the top of Google search results on desktop and mobile.

Pay-per-click ads appear in various places on the results page. Our web design agency can help you create effective ads and improve the backend experience, making your website more user-friendly.

We can also develop Facebook ads for your business as part of your marketing strategy and target the ads to users based on their profile information, demographic, or geographical location.