Looking at a lot of restoration contractor websites, one of the things we come across over and over is similar stock art like this on the homepage, with a playful take on a flooded-out kitchen or a flooded-out living room. The truth is when someone is coming to your website, they are not really looking to be reminded of what they have gone through, the trauma that they are going through, in terms of dealing with a flooded house or a burned-out house or a mold issue. While I realize that we are trying to communicate what we do and make it very obvious that you, as a restoration contractor, deal with flooded kitchens and deal with flooded basements and deal with fire damage and deal with mold.

People, this is one of the worst things that they have had to deal with as far as being a homeowner. So, I do not think they are necessarily looking to be reminded of what they are going through. I think we would be better off if we could show them, something a little bit happier. For instance, if we have to use stock art, using a picture of a living room where the family is enjoying themselves in the living room and then communicate the services because yes, people need to know real quick if you do what they are looking for.

If they are looking for water damage restoration, you do need to get the message across really quickly that you offer water damage restoration services. If they are looking for fire damage restoration, you do need to get that message across. Maybe that is putting a big box, below the picture or even at the bottom of the picture.

That says water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and making it obvious that you do what they are looking for, but not necessarily visually reminding them of the terrible situation that they have going on in their home. They are well aware that their basement is flooded. They are well aware that they have smoke damage. They are looking to be reminded that their home could be somewhere that they enjoy hanging out with their kids and that it can be peaceful again, and that you can solve their problems and get them back to normal life.

So that is just a tip. Maybe take a look at your website with whoever it is that manages your website, and think through ways that you could encourage people, and make people feel a little bit more at peace when they come to visit your website. While still getting the message across that you deal with water, fire, mold, and storm damage.

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