After working hard to optimize your website, you are eager to see your new Google ranking. After all, you spent hours reading up on SEO and target keywords. You worked closely with copywriters and designers. When you type in the name of your business, your heart skips a beat as you see that you’re the first result on the page.

This is it. You won the internet.

But how accurate is your ranking when Googling your own business? Unfortunately, the answer is not very. Determining your ranking is a complex process with plenty of variables. In this article, we’ll explain why Googling your business presents skewed results and how you can learn the truth about your Google ranking.

Personalized Results

When you complete a Google search, the results are never random. Good SEO isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to Google’s results page. Google specially selects every web page and piece of content to align with your interests, online habits, and search history.

While some find Google’s personal touch a little overbearing, we all have to admit that it does come with plenty of advantages. By keeping track of what you search for, what websites you spend the most time on, and what topics interest you, Google provides you with the best possible results.

This feature can be great when you’re looking for a new restaurant or a specific product. Unfortunately, when you look up your own business, Google already knows that you’re interested in it. Chances are that you are on your website a lot and that your online activities relate to your business.

Because Google knows that you are interested in your business, it will prioritize showing you that business in the search results. How do you get around Google’s personalized search feature? You have a couple of options.

Clear Out Your Cookies and Your Cache

When you visit a website, your browser will store cookies from that website.

Cookies are files of information that allow your browser to remember certain websites. They also help your browser remember information or preferences related to that website. When you’re shopping and realize your bank account isn’t looking too healthy, cookies keep your cart full until payday.

The cache stores information from websites so that those websites load faster when you visit them again. Your computer’s cache and your browser’s cookies are helpful when it comes to day-to-day searches, but they can both throw off your results when Googling your business.

By clearing your cache and deleting all cookies, you can better understand how an unrelated person might see your website on the Search Engine Results Page. However, it’s not perfect. Google can still access information about you that might alter the results.

Go Incognito

An easier way to block Google from accessing your search history is to search in the incognito mode. Searching incognito with your plug-ins turned off means that you will get a more accurate idea of where your website ranks.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to Google search results, your location matters! Google uses your IP address to show you search results that are as accurate as possible. Many people think that the IP address provides information about your city or country, but it’s much more accurate than that.

Two people on two different sides of a city can search for the same thing and get different results. If you are in your coffee shop in Atlanta and search for “coffee shops in Atlanta,” your Google ranking will be pretty high.

Interested in going undercover? Try a VPN.


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to choose your location when browsing online. Completing a Google search for your website while using a VPN removes an important factor that may be changing your ranking results.

Let Us Help with Your Google Ranking!

With so many variables to consider, discovering your true Google ranking can seem overwhelming. Google understandably likes to change things up, and there are always new updates to stay on top of. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

From optimizing title tags and anchor text to helping you discover your target audience and unlock your brand’s potential, we assist our clients in all of their digital marketing needs. Let’s work together so that your website looks its best while being easy to find for potential customers. Contact our team today!

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