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When potential clients are in need of a restoration company, they need to find a quality restoration company in their area that can help them out as soon as possible. The last thing someone wants to do when worried about finding a restoration contractor is having to scroll through a bunch of options to pick which one is best. In fact, they will likely go with one of the first ones that show up on a google search! So here’s how you get your restoration company to rank higher on google maps so more clients end up finding and hiring you.

The More Details You Provide, the More They Click

When you set up a google maps listing for your restoration company, you want to add as much information as possible. Think about what you would want to know about a company you are looking up: their location, hours, contact information, and a link to their website. These are some of the basics you want to include in your google maps listing. Be super consistent with the information listed on your google maps listing and what’s on your website. Pay attention to apostrophes and abbreviations you commonly use and make sure they are clear and consistent across all instances of your information.

Talk Like a Local

Your restoration company is located in a community with a thriving culture, so tap into those local references and sayings to grab the attention of future clients. The more you sound like a local and know the lay of the land, the more they will trust you and want to give you their business. Use a local phone number for the contact information so you have a local area code listed for your restoration business. Many cities are proud of their area codes and they even get shoutouts in songs and in sports. Take advantage of these references to the areas you serve and use local phrases and relevant keywords that people who look for you will appreciate.

The More Photos the Better

Upload as many photos as you like to show folks right off the bat what they can expect with your restoration company, including photos of the people they’ll be interacting with during the project. Pay attention to the best quality photos, ones with good, bright lighting and that can be easily viewed on a large computer screen or as a thumbnail on a phone. Future clients love to see images online associated with the links they are clicking on, especially when they are comparing your restoration company with another one when trying to make their decision. Think about the main photo you want to show up on your google maps listing and pick one that is light, bright, and clearly shows off the very best about your restoration company.

The description of your restoration company should be easy to read and understand, and it should be listed on your website and on your google maps listing in a variety of ways so it catches the eyes of as many searchers as possible. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients and test out your website and search your restoration company on your own phone to make sure they are getting the best experience and that it looks eye-catching and worth a click!

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