Hey, it’s Jono Long with Restoration Marketing Experts and I just wanted to answer a question that we get pretty often.

The question is, how much should I spend on a Facebook ad? And the answer is, it’s kind of got some layers to it. One, you’ve really got to think about what your goals are, because what we see a lot of times is that people just put an ad together “Hey, this is my company. We do water fire and mold restoration, hire us.” Let’s spend $50 and just see what happens, and that’s most of the time, just going to be a waste.

Now Facebook does want you spending money. Your posts are not going very far these days because of the way the algorithm works on Facebook. So if you want to get the word out there that you exist and that you’re ready to take on restoration jobs, you’ve definitely got to give Facebook some money; but be smart about it. What are the goals that you’re trying to accomplish? Are we trying to get leads?

We’re trying to get just the name recognition out there and we also don’t want to just constantly push hire me, hire me, hire me. Usually we say a rule of thumb is 20% of that marketing budget for Facebook should go towards advertising just information, teaching and educating people, giving people tips like I’m doing right now. Put some money behind that, not just hire me.

Take 60% of your budget rule of thumb and put behind an offer. Again, not just hire me but, let me do this work for you.

Like “Hey, we’ve got this offer, we’re offering this discount” or “We’re offering this free inspection where we’ve got $50 off OR $100 off”, whatever it is that offer. Offers always do better in a Facebook ad than just a generic “hey here’s what we have and here’s what we can do for you”.

Lastly save the last 20% for what Facebook calls retargeting. This is kind of that freaky read your mind chasing people around the internet kind of deal with ads.

Facebook knows people who are interested because they went to your website or they clicked on the ad and now we can retarget them with some of that budget and get in front of them again with another ad that helps them pull the trigger on hiring you and taking up your offer.

You have got to be patient. It’s gonna take some time. The phone’s not gonna start ringing in one week after running the Facebook ads, so you’ve got to be consistent at it. I encourage you to be patient and probably spend more than you’re spending.

Typically for every $5 you spend, 1000 people will see that, will see that post, see that ad. But then you’ve got to think about how many of those 1000 are actually going to click on it.

So you’ve got to kind of reverse engineer. What’s my cost per acquisition? How many leads do I need to get before I convert a customer? How many people have to see it before it actually turns into a lead? How many thousands of people do I need to see that to get leads?

You’ve got to collect some data and watch that and look at the insights and run the numbers and reverse engineer all that and then decide on the budget. But I guarantee it’s probably more than you’re spending right now. So give Facebook a little bit of money, be patient.

Make sure the ads are good. don’t make them all about, hire me, hire me, hire me, but give some information, and some education.

And I’m pretty sure that your Facebook ads will start performing better and get you the results that you want.

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