Step 1: Turn Your Website Into A Concrete Project-Getting Machine.

Your website has two jobs. One is to get visitors interested to call you and submit their information, and second is to educate prospective clients why you’re a better choice than any other competitor in your service area.

Most concrete contractors fall victims to the idea that getting a new, fancy, flashy or DIY website will get the more concrete clients. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that as of 2019, 79% residential clients will check out a contractor’s website before choosing to contact or hire them. So having the right conversion elements on your website will help turn more visitors into concrete projects.

We work extensively to test, tweak and optimize our client’s websites and landing pages so they rank fast on Google, resolve well on every device, and perform at the highest levels bringing the type of clients they desire.

Step 2: Attract The Right Type Of Concrete Clients

Having a concrete project-getting website or a high-converting landing page is useless unless your prospective clients are reading it! When someone goes to Google and searches for “residential concrete contractors” or “garage floor installers” or “stamped concrete contractors” or “concrete patios”, you need your website and your business name to come up at the top of their search results. We optimize your web presence so you come up everywhere your prospective clients are looking for you in your service area.

We have proven Google Ads and Social Media Advertising campaigns that target the right prospects at the right time, at the right moment, when they might be considering to do a new patio, new concrete flooring, new driveway and anything you service. From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, we’ve cracked the code to get you in-front of every potential client in your city and service areas.

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Step 3: Evolve Online

What’s the point of investing in marketing and advertising your business is staying the same? We track, measure and optimize consistently to ensure your web presence keeps growing, more clients are calling you, and you’re winning more job bids every month.

Most concrete contractor fail to understand where their clients are coming from online, which leaves them wondering if marketing online really works. We utilize state-of-the-art tracking technology that lets us study visitors by source, by location, by instances of visiting your website and we can tell down to the last click what traffic source turned them into a phone call or form submission.

We educate our concrete contractors in the best sales practices to turn more leads in to contracts. We license our proprietary SMART follow up system for concrete contractors so that no lead goes unanswered and no opportunity ever gets lost in the process.  You leads will hear from you immediately by phone, text, email and even voicemail so they know you mean business. In other words, we help you succeed and evolve online in all fronts.

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