Hey It’s Jono Long with Restoration Marketing Experts. I hope you’re having a great day.

I just wanted to share this quick video showing you something that I think a lot of people forget to do regarding their Google My Business profile, which is how you rank on Google Local Maps. It is a very important piece of your overall Search Engine Optimization, your Google presence. And this is something that you can do on your own.

You don’t have to pay a web website guy, or SEO guy like me to do it. Of course, it’s something we do, but it’s something that you can easily do on your own that is kind of sitting right there under your nose.

So, if you just go to your Google My Business profile and you can find that at business.google.com. Just make sure that you’re logged in at the top right with the proper Google account. Sometimes if you’re like me, you’ve got four or five Google accounts and so you don’t understand why your business is not showing up and it’s usually because you’re in the wrong account.

So, we just quickly go in our profile and we’re going to go to info. Now when you’re setting up your Google My Business profile, they ask you what is your category. And most of us we select the primary category like I did ‘marketing agency’ and then we never think to go back because in the process. Google says you can add additional categories later. And so, we’re usually in a hurry trying to get through this thing and we say okay I’ll deal with that later.

99.7% of people never go back and deal with that later. Which is not good because those additional categories are something that plays a big role in letting Google know who you are. And we see client after client add those additional categories and it helps start moving the needle in their local rankings.

And so, it’s really easy to fix. All you do is go to info. Once you’re in your Google My Business profile, click on that little icon there to open up your categories and you can see in my case I’ve got ‘marketing agency’, in your case you would put ‘restoration’ or some of you depending on if some of you guys want to focus on ‘mold’ more or focus on ‘water damage’ more.

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to really put your money maker at the top of the thing that you really want to rank for and go ahead put that at the top and then you could just put ‘general contractor’ and kind of the more generic ones down here.

So, in my case I’ve got one too, I’ve got several additional categories: ‘website designer’, ‘advertising agency’, ‘web host company’, ‘marketing consultant’, and ‘internet marketing service’.

Now they don’t have every single category known to man for every single industry. So, you kind of just have to start typing. So, if we start typing in ‘restoration’, of course you’re going to get all of these, but you’re going to see things like ‘fire damage restoration service’, ‘water damage restoration service’, ‘building restoration service’.

Then you can get over here into ‘mold’. You start typing in ‘mold’ and there’s not a category anymore for ‘mold’.

But if you just start typing in your industry keywords that you want to include in your in your profile, just start typing them in. And if it exists, Google will go and start populating that and helping you. So, get as many categories on there as you possibly can.

I promise you’re going to see a difference. Thanks for watching!

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