Hey, it’s Jono Long with Restoration Marketing Experts and I just wanted to give you a quick tip today. I’ve talked to a bunch of guys who, are running their Google Ads on their own and they’re doing okay.

But I think all of us would admit it’s easy to lose money and waste money on Google Ads if you’re not careful, if you don’t do some research, and if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And so, that’s why a lot of people are just letting us run their ads, which is great for us. But you may want to run your own ads and so you’ve got to be careful.

One of the biggest ways that you can prevent wasting some money is making sure that you’ve got a pretty big extensive negative keyword list. It’s not all about the “keywords”. A lot of it’s about the ‘negative keywords’ in the restoration industry. When we’re dealing with water damage, at the top of our list of negative keywords are things like ‘iPhone water damage’, ‘iPhone screen water damage’, ‘water in my iPad’, and ‘water damage on the iPad’.

You want to add those types of terms to your negative keyword list so that some teenager who dropped their phone in the toilet and is searching how to fix the water damage on their iPhone screen doesn’t trigger one of your ads.

They’re not paying attention and they click on it, then they realize that I didn’t want to come here, they leave. You’re out $25 or $30 because they carelessly clicked on one of your ads without really reading what it was all about.

So, make sure that you’ve got those negative keywords and that list is growing inside of your Google Ad account and make sure that some of those electronic water damage keywords are in there. So that you can avoid wasting that money.

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