Hey there! Its Jono with Restoration Marketing Experts and I just wanted to send you this quick video because several clients have actually already emailed me just today about a letter that they’ve gotten and they’re wondering if it is legit.

There are several different companies who operate like this. But essentially the way it works is that you’ve got your domain for your website registered with someone like Go Daddy or Network Solutions or Google and you pay them $20 a year and it’s on some credit card auto-renewal and you get an email from Go Daddy and you’re not sure about it, but you’re pretty sure you’re supposed to pay it.

But then this letter comes and it looks real official and they’ve got the United States flag on there and just real basic website services. Then you’ve got annual website domain listing $289. And you’re thinking, well, I don’t really know, I guess I’m supposed to pay this. I don’t want my website to shut down and you see this $289 kind of big and bold there and they’ve got the payment and the flag and US Domain Authority sounds just like is the government making me pay them for the website? So, I guess I should do it.

So, what happens is people will pay this thinking that they are renewing their website, keeping their website live. But if you read it closely, the thing is they’re not lying to you, they’re not being dishonest, it’s just formatted misleadingly.

What they’re actually charging you for, they say right here, we’re not a domain registrar. We don’t renew domain names. The listing is for 12 months and must be renewed annually.

What they’re offering you is to put your business information on a website. A business directory listing somewhere on the internet and that’s what they’re charging you for. They’ll charge you every year for that.

Now, if you were to call them, they’ll claim that being listed on their domain, being listed on their directory, will help out your SEO online. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not.

I’m not saying they’re lying, but I am saying just know that this is not renewing your domain and so don’t panic and definitely don’t pay that unless you want to be on that business directory that they’re wanting to put you on. If you ever wonder if you’re not sure what to do, you are always welcome to take a picture and email a scan of the document or a picture of the document to support@restorationmarketingexperts.com.

We’ll be happy to take a look and let you know. Hey, that’s legit or hey, no, you don’t need to pay that or hey, actually, yeah, you do need to pay that.

We’ll be happy to help you out and that won’t cost you anything. We’re just here to help. So let us know if you need anything and hopefully this video helps you out a little bit.

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