Today I wanted to talk for a quick second about asking your customers for reviews because reviews are a huge part of bringing you to the top of the search results and getting you even more business and more phone calls.

You have got to develop a culture where your people, your team are asking for reviews from every single customer that you work for.

I have heard several people say lately, they feel like it is annoying. They don’t want to annoy their customers. Here is the deal; angry people are going to go leave reviews. We have got to make sure that we give them a great experience, not just a good experience because when they called you, they are expecting you to come out and do the job. You do it well and that is a good experience, you meet expectations. Yeah, they’re happy but maybe not happy enough to go the extra mile and leave you that review.

You have got to wow them, and you have got to ask them, “Hey, please leave us a review”, and ask them to be specific in that review. Ask them to mention the service that you did for them.

People are so used to getting review request, and I mean everywhere I go, every time I call my cable company, every time I call my phone company, every time I call any of the tools that I use for my business; when I call and get support, I always get a request for a review.

So, people are used to it. If they do get annoyed, they’ll just ignore it. A text message asking for a review is easy to ignore and it doesn’t really mess up our life and totally turn us off from that company. So don’t be scared.

Reviews are worth the risk of annoying people even though you’re not going to annoy people. So, ask for those reviews all the time.

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