3 Ways to Get Water Damage Restoration Business


Nowadays, when it comes to growing your business, an effective online presence is key! You might wonder how to draw more local traffic to your water damage restoration company when there are so many options out there. How can your company rank higher in Google searches? How can your company drive more traffic to the website, and ultimately, build up your local business footprint?

Most users do a quick Google search for just about anything they are looking for, whether it’s in the website search engine, in the Google app, or even through Google Maps. You want your water damage restoration company to show up right away when they are searching for a local company near them. Setting up your website and business for success online is all about maximizing your online footprint so your company sends the right ranking signals to Google.

The three main ranking signals utilized in search engine optimization (SEO) for companies online are relevance, proximity, and prominence. Here are three easy steps for how to address all three of these ranking signals so you can improve your local SEO for your water damage restoration company.


1. Relevance: Does Your Website Content Match the Search!

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client: what are they likely to search for when they need a water damage restoration company? Consider regular questions you might get from callers or local foot traffic, and work those frequently asked questions and terminology into your website. Are there reasons why your particular area might be looking for water damage restoration? Be sure to talk about that prominently on your page and include relevant keywords that locals would understand and use.

Pay attention to the headings and the content on your website: are they using common keywords and answering common questions potential clients might have? Optimize the content of your pages by targeting keywords that are commonly associated with water damage restoration and reference local culture, landmarks, or events that might cause potential clients to be in search of a water damage restoration company in the first place.


2. Proximity: Your Keywords Make a Big Impact!

Once you have identified relevant keywords to target on your webpage, the next step is to get strategic about how you use them. Most people will search a combination of words or even a question, and you want your keywords to reflect those common searches. For example, someone searching for a water damage restoration company might search for “fixing home water damage near me.” There are many important aspects of this search to address: How does your water damage restoration company fix water damage?  If your water damage restoration company does address residential water damage, be sure to use words like home, house, and other common living terms in addition to residential when making your point.

When it comes to proximity of keywords on your website, you want to use as many relevant keywords as close together in a sentence as you can. To address a common question like the example above, you might include information on why potential clients need your company for fixing home water damage near your local area. When you combine keywords in sentences, you want to make sure only 1-2 words separate each keyword as opposed to 4-5. The main keyword combination for your water damage restoration company may be “water damage Austin,” and you may change that to flow better as a sentence like “water damage in Austin” so only one word separates the main keywords.


3. Prominence: Say What You Mean at the Top!

When it comes to creating quality SEO content for your website, you want to make sure your main keywords are addressed as soon as possible. When you’re searching for a recipe online, you don’t want to read about the person’s whole life story before you get to the ingredients and steps. Similarly, when you want to drive traffic to your water damage restoration company, you want to make sure the keywords you identified are front and center. Include keywords in headings and subheadings on your webpage, and make sure those keywords are also addressed in the content on that page.

Online attention spans are so short, so you want to catch their eye with exactly what they are looking for as soon as possible. Improve the click-through rate of your webpage and encourage users to engage with your content by using obvious keywords and terminology they will understand. Know that many of your webpage visitors are going to be scanning quickly to see if something jumps out at them, so make sure you clearly communicate how your water damage restoration company is here to help!

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